Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Achievement Hunger

Watching the ’12 Olympiad from London has been quite an experience! I fast-forwarded through hours of recordings to see the interviews and the competitions that resonated with my temperament and personality. Once in a while, I saved a recording of the equestrian events or gymnastics for Sarah as well.  As I’ve watched returning athletes, like Phelps, May, Walsh, Bolt, etc…, I’ve contemplated about how they are able to win, and even return after four or eight years, and triumph again.  There are all types of components in being a ‘winner’, but what gives a person that intensity of desire of hunger? It’s that longing or desire that keeps a veteran competing, and helps a young athlete to rise to the occasion. That’s the theme that I’ve wondered about through the ups and downs of the games in London.  Disciplined and repetitive preparation, training, focus and even athletic ability all combine to make a champion, but an underlying, and even more important element seems to be a yearning to compete, and ultimately, win…

On a personal level, we all go out and, to a degree, contend in the marketplace. Some of us have a hunger to do what we do. There’s something deeper that drives us.  Yes, sometimes that drive is more passionate, and sometimes, unfortunately it languishes.

So, I’d like to ask a few questions and read your feedback. I’d love to write an entry someday with the thoughts that you have, since your responses may help provide expertise on the subject of that inner drive. What do you think feeds such a deep desire to win or triumph? Where do you think that get-up-and-go comes from?

Across the board, I think we’ve seen the athletes who lose that drive and the competitive edge, and all of a sudden, the medals and accolades no longer accompany their efforts. It happens in the work-world too.

I’ve also felt that the hunger and drive has an innate, divine quality. It is almost like a calling for each one of us. What do you think? I’d love to read your comments on my Facebook page about how to feed the desires that will help you accomplish and where you think that hunger comes from.