Monday, December 1, 2014

Christmas Letter 2014

Dear Family and Friends,
Life is moving at breakneck speed, and these are days to treasure! Pictures capture feelings and stories better than words for many of us, so we decided to share a few with you to recap our year.

All our kids are growing up too quickly, but we continue to parent them with prayer and love, despite our own shortcomings, and trust God with the outcome.
Jace is a creative, sensitive, and energetic boy who loves school and life. We are proud with what we see him accomplishing academically. He continues to be involved in a smattering of sports throughout the year, first year of piano lessons, and more recently singing with a kids' choir through College Park Church.

Gwyneth is a powerful little personality we have nicknamed “Sarge”. When she is sick or out with a friend, her absence is felt. She is forthright about what she wants, ready to serve, and sappy sweet with an edge. She is loyal and dedicated to friendships, and I’m sure we’ll be hauling her to parties someday. Everyone is a friend. Though we’ve had her in gymnastics and dance, we tried soccer for the first time this year. She is excited for kindergarten, and we are confident she is ready and will devour the opportunity to learn and be with other kids.

Quinn is a determined, industrious, spunky little lady. She parrots what her older siblings say and tries to copy every action, whether she is ready or not. She loves to move her body, deposit her belongings and ours all around the house, and we have to caution her about all the challenges for which she is not ready.

We are so thankful for how Sarah’s job has provided for us in these years. She has continued to develop professionally, and the practice is led by talented doctors who have administrative gifts in their arsenal. We are so happy that she can spend ample time at home, enjoying family life while still being able to provide. John continues to care for the kids during the day and works four to five nights at Home Depot, getting to bed around 2 a.m. and then up at 7 to get Jace out the door for school. Recently we found a small group we feel encouraged about through our church. We help with the Sunday School program for our kids and have found our church to be a blessing.

May your Christmas be filled with true Peace. May 2015 be a year full of blessing for you and those close to your heart,

John, Sarah, Jace, Gwyneth, and Quinn

"For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace." Is. 9:6 NIV


In March, Mason, our "pure-bred Frisbee dog," was laid to rest. We admired his companionship, his love of life, his ability to clean food on our kitchen floor, and his passion to chase down Frisbees.

Our  two night campout to McCormick’s Creek State Park was a ton of fun, even though we got rained out and broke down our camp at midnight to head home.

Sibling love…
On Halloween this year, Mary Poppins, Burt, and Minnie Mouse showed up.